Funny things at Antique shop

That short road trip to Moab was totally very nice! I’ve visited some National Parks in the US then Arches N.P would be in top 3 so far. There are more arches we couldn’t visit this time. I think I’ll be back here some day again.


Now, it’s time to go back Salt Lake City.

We still have checking to visit a place on the way back SLC. It’s a small antique shop which closed a few days ago at small town. An antique shop is something unique always. We can find funny stuffs there sometimes. At that shop I and my daughter couldn’t stop laughing because they sales cups outside with ice…the rain drop in the cups were frozen. Well,never mind.


The shop owner is a nice old man. Sometimes his wife showed up shop. The stuffs were repairing somehow. Michael love to see old stuffs,like a fishing tool, pictures,ceramics…etc.  I like old stuff like a ceramic too. They had many and any kinds of stuffs at the small antique shop.
The second funny thing is they sales a photo which is someone’s ceremony of graduation.  We never know who are in a photo. I and my daughter couldn’t stop laughing at all.

Michael bought 5 fishing tools and a picture. Sometimes we can find nice frame even a picture isn’t my taste. We were happy and had much fun there.


After this road trip,we staied some more few days in Salt Lake City. I became love to exploring antique shop since that time. I think I’ll back here SLC sometimes.


Thank you for taking time to read. This blog belonig on my second visit in Utah,U.S.A. back in January 2012. 



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