One night Princess 

My daughter and I landed at France,Charles de Gaulle international airport from Vietnam. During 15 hours onboard,I was thinking about next action. How to get to Loire. There are some ways,so I finally decided to use TGV. It’s easiest way to go there as we could take TGV from the airport.

About an hour and half by TGV from the Roissy we arrived at Tours,old town. I see it’s a student’s town. A lot of younger people are in the town. It’s calm…very nice atmoshere.

My daughter got high fever maybe because she worried this trip as it is the first abroad only two of us after I devoted. She couldn’t stand walking a lot. Sometimes need rest sitting on my baggage. But she knows how I was looking forward to coming here so she never said “Stop”. She grew up nice travel companion for me. We were walking to Pl.Plumereau. The old houses are there, It made nice atmosphere… I bought a glass of a beer at the bar near the place, sitting chair and drinking…  Feels good!

We walked around the small town then we found the marchais. They sales from farmers products. It’s fun to see around like local do. I bought a goat cheese for my dinner! Also got a sandwich and a bottle of wine. Well,I’m enough for tonight. My daughter still has fever so she won’t eat anything.

We leave for Amboise next destination. There is our hotel,Chateau de Pray. To stay this chateau hotel is my daughter’s request. Oh,poor her in a bed having high graver.

I made mistake for the train ride, I bought our train ticket to Blois. So we had to take a taxi going back to Amboise. What a beautiful rural view from taxi window.

Staying the over night at the chateau hotel was one of our purposes traveling in France to be like a princess.  But my little princess got high fever at that moment. So I travel with a sickness princess. However she still wanted nicer then asked me “ Mom, can you see a princess in me?” At the chateau.  “Yes,yes…”


Chateau Amboise

Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy fully at the chateau hotel because of my daughter’s fever.  However we walk the garden just for relax at next morning. That’s so nice feeling to fresh air.

We willing to visit another chateau too,but it’s impossible with her condition. Well,now I should to be a good travel companion of her like she behave. I have no complaint. However I should admit her efforts. I always make tight plan on my trip because want to see many things as much as I can in a few limited stay. So I must reflect on myself.

This is hard situations made us think each other and seems like it helps us growing up.


After exploring the huge chateau Amboise we move to Paris. I didn’t have any booking for accommodation in Paris so I call to some hostel from the station. One hostel had a vacancy for us but they said they’ll keep the room if I appear in 30 minutes.

Luckily,we stand up at front of hostel in time!! My daughter said “It’s not hotel” with really sad voice. Yes,it was our first stay in hostel. I’m sorry, I had no choice.

Our room had 2 double deckers for 4 women. We fall asleep at 8 pm even forgot to have dinner.


Bonjour Paris!

In the morning,we went to kitchen with a woman from Korea. She leaves the hostel this morning. We had some conversation during having breakfast at the kitchen. I still remember the bread at there was too much solid.  My daughter seems like back normal feeling from fever and start enjoying to stay with others at hostel. After had breakfast,we start exploring in Paris.

Ahhh,I can’t believe yet that I’m here in Paris! I traveled several times to USA,Asia…but it’s Europe especially,PARIS! But I heard a lot of times that Paris is danger especially at subway so we didn’t take subway.
Which means 3km a way. And on the way we stopped by the Basilique Notre Dame.
Walking way next by of the Seine river was so nice. Many people doing jogging,roller skaters, sometimes people greet to us.
I’m not good at reading a map so I had to ask many times for my direction. People  were very kind,speaking English well and they explained very well in French if they couldn’t speak English.
I know that I’m always blundering. In this time I fell down at front of the Notre Dame. Then my camera was broken. Never worked anymore.
I took all photos by my iPhone after it happened.
It was the first Sunday of a month which meaning we don’t need enter fee for the Louvre museum. Of course so many people made line at there.  The Louvre is Louvre. Excellent museum. I guess we need 1 week if we explore whole Louvre.


We had to back hotel before going to the Eiffel tower because my iPhone’s battery was run out. We walked again another 3km to our hostel. We definitely got paining on our legs. So can’t walk anymore.
We took a subway at the first time when we go to the Eiffel tower! It was very convenience, and didn’t feel danger then I was wonder why didn’t take it till now.
The Eiffel tower was really great! I am touched when I saw it.
What a beautiful tower!! I saw some photos of Eiffel tower have  had different face each time, it was really interested in for me and I was looking forward to taking photos! Oh,but my camera doesn’t work now sadly.
I had a plan to meet up with David who lives in Paris from TravBuddy website.   He came pretty far from here and having busy time for his study. Thank you for coming to meet me,David! He brought us the place where is most beautiful Eiffel Tower to see! And we went to the cafe near the Palais de Chaillot. Talking a lot and had good time with him. What a wonderful website TravBuddy!


Walking on a Champs-Elysees

That day,we just explored around the city again. Enjoyed the atmosphere of Paris even the fallen leaves but on the Champs-Elysees after rain.


I’d like to see the Eiffel tower at day time as well. Sometimes people doesn’t like to visit the same place you’ve been but for me,I enjoy every single time. At night time,day time. Rainy day or under sunshine. There will be different feeling even to see the same Eiffel tower!  Also went to see the Jardin des Tuileries, la Concorde and Arc de Triomphe,

We climb up to the top this time. So windy at the top of Eiffel tower. The view of Paris from the top is awesome. There are nothing high buildings at the city it made more special this Eiffel tower.

At evening,We went to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Climb up long beautiful stairs, we arrived there after sunset but the night was not coming yet. That moment I saw very beautiful deep blue sky with Sacre-Coeur which has chic white color. Perfect!

It was the day last in France. We’ve just started “solo” trip from this one.  It’s enough to realize how much comfortable traveling ourself without any booking for next stop. I was so sad to back home and wondering why I have to back home? Actually after back home in Japan,I start to change my life style. I put priority first delight myself.

Thank you for reading!

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